OG star tracker
An affordable open-source star tracker for beginners and experienced astrophotographers.

OG star tracker kits are now available

After a long time of development, the kits are now available. Get them while they are in stock.

Accurate star tracker

Thanks to the usage of belts we were able to reduce periodic error which allowed us to make a more accurate star tracker than the competition.

The Periodic error of this star tracker is around 17 arc-seconds, which is much better than of similarly priced competition.

Upgradable star tracker

No need to buy another star tracker when you can 3D print a few components and unlock additional features, such as go-to functionality

Control via phone

With an integrated web app, you can control the star tracker from any device you want.

High-quality components

Highly accurate stepper motor with 0.9° step.

Cutting edge TMC2209 drivers.

Take stunning pictures of space

All pictures were taken on OG star tracker.

Open and repairable

OG star tracker is open source, so anyone can build it and make it or if you need to fix something after warranty you can buy every component since it's an open project with all files released for public. And don't forget to join our Discord. 




Easy assembly with animated assembly guides


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